Documentation and Advocacy

Work on supporting organisations in documenting and reporting human rights violations is an important part of our strategy. Properly collected and analysed evidence of LGBTI human rights violations is one of the key elements of successful advocacy work.

With this in mind, we provide organisations with funding and learning opportunities to start or continue their documentation work on the national level and to strengthen LGBTI advocacy capabilities.

At ILGA-Europe, we build our European-level advocacy work partially on reports from our member organisations and partners. These reports entail documented cases and first-hand information – valuable evidence that supports and helps guide our strategic approaches in advocacy work. Also, systematic documentation of LGBTI human rights violations helps to monitor developments in the country and the region, while evidence-based reports become an important tool in supporting advocacy work of organisations-members on the national level.

To find out more about how ILGA-Europe can help with Documentation and Advocacy, contact our Senior Programmes Officer, Boris here.