Supporting the Movement

Without an invigorated LGBTI movement, change simply would not happen. That’s why ILGA-Europe focuses on empowering LGBTI activists and organisations across Europe and Central Asia.

How we work with the movement

We focus empowering, training and funding activists who work to advance LGBTI people’s rights in Europe.

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Our annual conference

Since 1996, ILGA-Europe's annual conference has been the European LGBTI movement’s flagship event.

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How we fund the movement

Through various thematic programmes, ILGA-Europe extends re-grants to LGBTI organisations across Europe and Central Asia.

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Our Current Programmes

As part of our movement building work, we offer tailor-made supports to our members, including coaching, planning sessions and other thematic themed trainings, based on needs assessments we carry out.

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How we work with funders

Ensuring that the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia is appropriately resourced is one of ILGA-Europe's strategic priorities.

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Our resource sharing centre

We created our free resource sharing centre, The Hub because we strongly believe that LGBTI activists can best learn from each other.

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