Our Current Programmes and Focus Areas

The key strength of ILGA-Europe’s programmatic work is that our activities follow a strategic plan that is formulated through a participatory process with our membership and constantly adapted to the changing needs within the movement.

While our staff team hold expertise on a variety of topics that are relevant to the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia, we also tap into cross-country knowledge, experience and skills to help sustain the movement with our programmes. This underlines one of the foundations of ILGA-Europe’s work – peer learning, which allows activists to learn from each other.

Here are the current capacity building programmes we offer:

Strategic Communications

Our goal is to support a more effective strategic communications culture within the region and invite more collective thinking around shaping public narratives.

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Socio-economic justice

We support work of the LGBTI movement towards socio-economic justice for LGBTI communities, by which we mean the removal of obstacles and oppressions which disproportionately worsen the social and economic conditions of already marginalised populations.

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Community Organising

We provide on and offline platforms to facilitate experience exchange among LGBTI activists on diverse practices of LGBTI community organising across Europe and Central Asia.

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Documentation and Advocacy

We provide organisations with funding and learning opportunities to start or continue their documentation work of human rights violations on a national level and to strengthen LGBTI advocacy capabilities.

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Organisational Development and Design

We are here to support LGBTI activists in creating and developing organisations, groups, collectives and networks that make sense for their purpose and context.

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Security and Wellbeng

We support organisations in a holistic manner, encompassing security, wellbeing and emergency advocacy, to contribute to the resilience of teams in times of distress.

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Dignity for All

Through Dignity For All, we can provide emergency funds, advocacy support, and security assistance to human rights defenders and civil society organisations under threat or attack.

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Responding to Anti-LGBTI Forces

This programme aims at strengthening the capacities of LGBTI organisations to achieve change in the context of anti-gender and anti-LGBTI rhetoric, and state-led anti-LGBTI attacks.

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Country Specific Support

More and more of our work to support the movement takes us to countries where LGBTI activists carry out their activism in increasingly difficult contexts.

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