Strategic Communications

In 2022, we launched a new strategic communications programme designed as the response to the needs voiced by the LGBTI movements during a Communications Needs Assessment we carried out in 2019.

Since 2013, we have been working to strengthen the LGBTI movements in Europe and Central Asia through strategic communications. Together with our membership and allies, we’ve analysed messaging and framing on LGBTI issues and prepared guiding materials. We’ve also provided grants to support communications work, organised trainings and skills-boost activities, and created other learning and experience exchange processes and spaces.

With our  2019 Communications Needs Assessment, two things became very clear: while existing capacities and resources within the movements are not enough, there is a great wealth of communications knowledge and experience on which we can build and grow the movement’s communication capacity. Therefore, with this programme we aim to close the gap between inadequate resources and the wealth of existing experience.

In order to support strong communications by LGBTI organisations and groups in Europe and Central Asia, we introduced different activities, including financial support and consultancy to build strong communications abilities; grants to support targeted communications initiatives; peer learning spaces, and a growing network of communications practitioners and experts. Our goal is to support a more effective strategic communications culture within the region and invite more collective thinking around shaping public narratives.

To find out more about our Strategic Communications programme, contact our Senior Programmes Officer, Svetlana here.