Annual reports

Every year, since we were formed, ILGA-Europe have produced an annual report detailing our activities for the year, which is presented to the membership in advance of the Annual Conference.


2023 was a year of growth and consolidation, of forward-looking thinking and planning, of transition and renewal. We paid particular attention to thinking about what social acceptance, inclusion, equal societies and economies look like, and how we can together push change in these areas over the next five years. Download the full report here.


As with the rest of the world we didn’t anticipate that on February 24 Russia would launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, thereby beginning the biggest conflict in Europe since the Second World War. As a result, our work became a delicate balancing act, one which we had been in many ways prepared for by the COVID-19 pandemic two years earlier. Download the full report here.


2021 has been a year of navigating change for the ILGA-Europe team. We’ve had to do our fair share of adapting to rapidly-shifting realities and the unknown, created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Download full report here.


In the year that the world was brought to a stop by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve proven this year that ILGA-Europe is still relevant. We have been doing what we needed to do, and we continue with steady intent. Download full report here.


This is a report on the work done by ILGA-Europe towards achieving the goals set out under our Strategic Framework 2019-2023. This report covers work carried out between November 2018 and October 2019. Download full report here.


The work of ILGA-Europe is unfolding in parallel to a series of developments, at national, local and European level. Some are positive events; others are devastating in their impact. Download full report here.


Amid populism, political complacency, attacks on democratic institutions and human rights, and rising extremism, it’s been a very busy year for ILGA-Europe. Download full report here.


As we sat down to take stock of everything we’ve done over the past 12 months, we were struck by the intensity of this past year. Download full report here.


ILGA-Europe will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. And as the organisation moves into its twenties, things are looking pretty strong. Download full report here.


So much energy, resources and time was dedicated this year to our 2014 EU election campaign and to the nomination of new Commissioners. Download full report here.


In many ways, this year epitomised the crossroads at which the European LGBTI movement is finding itself. Download full report here.


One of the major tasks and concerns for both staff and board has been securing the funding that would allow ILGA-Europe to continue to function at its current capacity. Download full report here.


As ILGA-Europe celebrates its 15th Anniversary and gathers from all corners of Europe to its largest Annual Conference to date, we have many achievements to look back to, be proud of and celebrate. Download full report here.


This year has been a year of stabilisation and continuous work on various themes and projects, which are in line with ILGA-Europe’s strategic goals. Download full report here.


This year has been full of achievements and interesting developments for ILGA-Europe. A significant amount of work and actions has taken place advancing the achievement of all of the Strategic Objectives. Download full report here.


Throughout the year a strong political emphasis was on the campaign for an EU-wide Anti-Discrimination Directive. This proved a challenging task, but we are proud of the role of ILGA-Europe’s leadership and collective work with allies. Download full report here.


A very significant amount of work and actions has taken place in order to advance the achievement of each Strategic Objective. As usual, we have given account of our activities and developments as they have occurred. Download full report here.


We got on track working with a Strategic Plan, and we learned to work with the identified performance indicators reported in the same way as in the 2005 Annual Activity Report. Download full report here.


This has been a period of significant development for the organisation, following the discussions at Budapest on the development of a Strategic Plan so as to enable the organisation to take strategic directions and move forward in a planned manner. Download full report here.


This has been another period of continuing growth and development for the organisation, building on the work of previous years and responding to new challenges. Download full report here.


This has been a period of continuing growth and development for the organisation, building on the work of previous years and responding to new challenges. Download full report here.


While we must be ready to react to sudden changes and developments in LGBT issues in Europe, we should also develop our own long-term agenda. Download full report here.


In summary we can say without exaggeration that the activity period 2000-2001 was the most successful so far in the history of ILGA-Europe. Download full report here.


ILGA-Europe was provisionally registered as an association in Denmark because such an official registration was a requirement for applying for core funding with the European Commission. Download full report here.


The bureaucratic process of registering ILGA-Europe as an international non-profit non-governmental organisation in Belgium has not been completed yet but, after further clarifying correspondence with the responsible Belgian Ministry of Justice, is due to be finished soon. Download full report here.


In following-up the ILGA-Europe Action Plan ’24 ideas for European Commission-led initiatives’, ILGA-Europe continued its meetings with EU officials. Download full report here.


Political leaders of the EU have, for the first time, recognised in a common decision that being lesbian or gay is no reason why people should be discriminated against. It is a huge step forward for all of us in political terms. Download full report here.