How we work with funders

Ensuring that the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia is appropriately resourced is one of ILGA-Europe’s strategic priorities.

That’s why we work actively alongside funding institutions – governments, private foundations, individual donors – to raise awareness around the LGBTI movement’s funding needs — and point to gaps and opportunities where funders can make a difference.

To support funders in having a better understanding of the daily realities in which LGBTI organisations carry out their work, we regularly carry out large-scale needs assessments to identify short-term and long-term needs within the LGBTI movements in Europe and Central Asia.

We actively work to generate conversations with and amongst funders about how to best fund LGBTI organisations, and to strategise on how to bring new actors to the table and raise more resources for the movement. We also play a convening role in bringing a wide range of grant-makers together (including at our annual conference), and act as a bridge between funding institutions and LGBTI activists.

We recognise that both LGBTI mainstream organisations and organisations focusing on particular subpopulations have a role to play within the movement. Therefore, helping funders navigate the ‘ecosystem’ of the European and Central-Asian LGBTI movement is part of our work.

We regularly gather funders to talk about different contexts in the European and Central Asian region. Often, this happens around our annual conference. 

Are you a funder and interested in supporting the LGBTI movement?

If so, please contact us here.

While we work closely with private philanthropists and various institutions, we also engage with other stakeholders. For example, when we work to mobilise resources, we often partner with the Global Philanthropy Project. They’ve been important convening partners who help us mobilise resources for LGBTI equality in the global north and east.