How we’re funded

At ILGA-Europe, we are committed to upholding transparency, independence, accuracy and accountability when carrying out our mission.

We continuously strive to manage our financial resources and ILGA-Europe funds in a way that ensures the movement is served as best as possible.

We always allocate our funding to carefully-planned activities and programmes, and base our decisions off of analysing the needs and opportunities within LGBTI movements in Europe and Central Asia. ILGA-Europe’s five-year strategic framework, approved by the membership, also guides our priorities and direction. Moreover, we don’t accept funding to implement other bodies’ plans or agendas.

Most of our funding comes from competitive grant application processes. We submit applications based on our work plans, strategic framework and any needs assessments we carry out. Our core funding and operating grants come from competitive grant application processes, too. 

We accept unsolicited funding only when it directly links to our work. The majority of donations we receive are unrestricted donations: we use them to support each year’s work plan – or we spend them to benefit the movement in the future.

Our team only accepts restricted donations within the frameworks of specific funds we set up, for which we raise money directly. 

Given the changing realities we live in, we strive to increase our budget’s flexibility, for example by encouraging unrestricted donations from individuals and financial support from the private sector. This is why ILGA-Europe engages with individual donors and, in line with our ethical guidelines for corporate engagement, companies. Click on the button above to find out how to join our efforts.

We share our full financial statements and reports with our members, funders and relevant authorities. Click on the button above for our current financial overview.