Our resource sharing centre

‘The Hub’, is the largest free resource-sharing centre for LGBTI activists in Europe and Central Asia.

The Hub is an easily-accessible online platform for LGBTI activists (and their allies) in Europe and Central Asia. It includes a diversity of resource cards that contain information about and guides for certain thematic work areas. Through The Hub, activists can proactively contribute to building resources by sharing case studies. They can also let us know what information they feel is missing — so that over time, we can build an even stronger resource-sharing centre.

We created The Hub because we strongly believe that LGBTI activists can best learn from each other. We have a history of supporting peer-learning activities for many years through our annual conference, various publications and a growing number of online activities. However, we wanted to make knowledge and resources even more readily available to LGBTI activists and their allies — and that’s what The Hub helps us do. 

An inherent challenge in the way that we work is that knowledge-sharing often requires activists to be in touch with our staff. In contrast, The Hub enables activists to access information to support their work without necessarily having to know the ILGA-Europe staff member working on a particular issue.

Ultimately, the Hub helps us come closer to achieving our goal of developing our collective capacities as the LGBTI movement in Europe and Central Asia.

Access to Resource Cards

Running a campaign for the first time? Want to learn how to use Facebook’s Fundraising tools? Or do you want to learn how to make your online communications more secure?

The Hub could answer your questions. It contains many resource cards and we upload new cards regularly. The resource cards cover the following themes: campaigning, communications, community, fundraising, management, security and wellbeing. Various cards have been translated into Russian and Turkish.

To sign up, simply register and instantly access most of the resource cards. However, some cards have been marked as including ‘sensitive content’. They’re only available for verified users. If you want to become a verified user, the process is explained in an easy way.

We won’t share your data with others, unless you explicitly tell us that we can. Visit our Hub Policy section for more information about your privacy and security.

You are powerful on your own, imagine what we can achieve together! Sign up and find out more about how you can learn and contribute.