Socio-economic Justice

In 2020, as a response to COVID pandemic, we launched our No One Left Behind Fund, with a mission to support the LGBTI movement’s capacity to effectively address socio-economic inequalities within LGBTI communities at this critical moment.

In 2020 and 2021, we focused our programmatic work – grants and capacity building – on the impact of the pandemic.

The objective of the Fund continues to be enabling LGBTI groups and organisations to gain the skills and knowledge, build alliances and relationships, and/or test new types of activities, with a view to developing longer-term responses to underlying causes of social and economic inequalities that increase the vulnerability and marginalisation of LGBTI people. In short, the Fund supports work of the LGBTI movement towards socio-economic justice for LGBTI communities.

By socio-economic justice, we mean the removal of obstacles and oppressions which disproportionately worsen the social and economic conditions of already marginalised populations. This includes – but might not be limited to – rights that states have accepted as necessary for individuals and groups to live sustainably in dignity and freedom within a given society, such as education, housing, work, health, and an adequate standard of living.

In 2023, we are launching two programmes under the No One Left Behind Fund.

The first programme is to support and strengthen the work of LGBTI organisations and groups in Europe and Central Asia on socio-economic justice for the racialised LGBTI communities, namely the work that addresses the impact of intersectional stigma and discrimination on socio-economic rights and conditions of living of the racialised LGBTI people. Learn more about the call for applications here.

The second programme is to support and advance the work of organisations and groups in Europe and Central Asia on rising LGBTI homelessness, namely the work that focuses on collaboration across Europe, research, advocacy and alliance-building. Learn more about the call for applications here.

To find out more about our Socio-economic Justice programmes, contact our Senior Programmes Officer, Nadzeya here.