Country Specific Support

The ILGA-Europe team constantly assesses where there are unmet needs from a geographical perspective, and seeks to address such needs through our programmes and projects. However, more and more of this work takes us to specific parts of the region and/or countries where LGBTI activists carry out their activism in increasingly difficult contexts.

In-country activities respond to the needs of organisations or movements that we cannot address through regional events, but it does depend on our own capacity and available funding. Urgency, complexity and composition of the movement are other important factors that affect the character of ILGA-Europe’s in-country activities.

Country-specific or sub-regional projects take many different forms, such as: re-granting; supporting particular advocacy activities of members; organising spaces where activists can strategise or talk about how they stay ‘healthy’ as a community; providing tailor-made capacity support include coaching and skills building; supporting organisational development and financial management.

Some country-specific activities follow up on our regional capacity building work. Where the needs of many countries overlap, we will always refer back to our strategic plan to help us prioritise. A lot of that work however can – for exactly those reasons – not be shared publicly. So there is more going on than we can mention here.

Rapid Support Fund for Ukraine: Supporting Urgent Action by LGBTI organisations in Ukraine

The Rapid Support Fund is ILGA-Europe’s dedicated fund that offers urgent support to LGBTI organisations in Ukraine. It is set up to enable organisations to take action in situations when they need to quickly address an unforeseen organisational need or react to a time-sensitive development. Learn more here.


ILGA-Europe is currently inviting applications from LGBTI organisations and groups in Poland that see a concrete opportunity to propel their agendas and the work of the LGBTI movement in the country, and have a clear practical idea how to seize this opportunity but have been lacking dedicated resources and support to take action. Learn more here.