Discover how to frame your messages about intersex issues

Are you campaigning for intersex rights in your country? Are you supporting intersex groups in their campaigning efforts? Discover how to frame your messages about intersex issues.

Register now for ILGA-Europe’s interactive webinar ‘Campaigning and message framing for intersex rights’.


ILGA-Europe will host an interactive webinar on campaigning and message framing for LGBTI activists and allies working on intersex rights. We will look into the experience of activists around Europe and put into practice the framing techniques we explored in the previous webinars of the strategic communication series.

You will hear from Audrey AegerterInterAction – Switzerland, Alessandro ComeniOII-ItalyIrene Kuzemko and Loé Petit Collectif Intersexes et Allié.e.s. – OII France.

Watch our video recording of the webinar