LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Gathering Online 2021

Although there will not be an in-person conference again this year, rest assured there will be a moment for us to come together in 2021. We are happy to announce that our second Gathering Online will take place from 25-29 October 2021, followed by the AGM on 30-31 October 2021.

The ILGA-Europe team are currently developing a plan for this year’s online event. We are taking time to reflect on what we learned in 2020, with a view to building an even better Gathering Online this year. Whilst an online event of course cannot replace all the unique elements of our Annual Conference, our intention is to again offer a meaningful moment for LGBTI activists in Europe and Central Asia to connect and come together this year.

More information will become available in April.

Why is there no regular Annual Conference?

After careful consideration, we have concluded that the same reasons that led us to cancel the 2020 Annual Conference are still relevant:

  • While the conference is some months away, there are many uncertainties in continuing to plan an in-person event. There is no clear vision of how the COVID-19 pandemic and access to vaccinations will evolve over the coming months across our vast region. We continue to anticipate that we will want to play our part in limiting large gatherings as physical distancing is still required, while there is the concern that we could possibly have to cancel an in-person conference at the last minute due to new waves of restrictions - which would have important financial consequences for both ILGA-Europe and participants. Not being able to ensure the health and safety of all participants at an in-person event, and their communities back home upon their return, would be another core concern, while significant travel restrictions limiting the ability of large numbers of people from attending the conference may still apply. 
  • Beyond the logistical and practical considerations, we also see the profound inequalities that exist in society, which are not only replicated, but exacerbated in our communities. While some of us might be lucky enough to have access to vaccination by next autumn and regain more freedom of movement, we are acutely aware that too many in the community will not be in this position. We also know that so many of your groups and organisations have been seriously impacted by this crisis, both financially and politically. We absolutely do not want the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference to be an event that only the most privileged amongst us can join. 

Will there be an in-person ILGA-Europe conference in 2022?

The answer is simple. Given a return to normal freedom of movement, we will keep our commitment to our friends in Bulgaria, where we were first planning to come together in 2020. We hope that 2022 will be the year we finally meet in person, in beautiful Sofia! In the meantime, we are committed to making The Gathering Online 2021 a moment for us to come together virtually, not only to address the issues that are of key importance to our community, but to gain a sense of united energy that is so key to the essential work you are so courageously committed to.

The ILGA-Europe Gathering Online on 19-23 October 2020 was an opportunity for the European and Central Asian LGBTI movement to engage, regroup and be empowered in times of turbulence.

The 23rd ILGA-Europe Annual Conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic from 23-26 October 2019. 

For the first time the Annual Conference took place in Brussels – the capital of Europe and the home of ILGA-Europe.

This year, the European LGBTI movement met in Warsaw from 1-4 November.

The Annual Conference 2016 kicked off in Nicosia from Wednesday 19 October to Saturday 22 October. The theme of the conference has been decided to be Power to the People - Celebrating 20 years of the strength within.

This year’s Annual Conference takes place in Athens between 28 and 31 October 2015.

The Annual Conference 2014 took place in Rīga, Latvia, from 9 to 11 October 2014, under the theme MOVEment: Leading Sustainable Change.

ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference 2013 will take place in Zagreb on 24-26 October 2013.​

ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference 2012 will take place in Dublin on 18-21 October 2012.

The 15th ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference will take place in Turin on 27-30 October 2011.

Information about the Annual Conferences held before 2011.