LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Executive Board

ILGA-Europe's Executive Board is the organisation's main governing body. Board members are elected every year by the Annual Conference and represent member organisations.

In November 2017, during the 21th ILGA-Europe Annual Conference held in Warsaw, the following Executive Board members were confirmed:

Executive Board


Joyce has a Masters degree in Political Science and International Relations. She has worked in local government, the European Parliament and a European academic network as policy advisor.

Since 2011 Joyce has been working as an international advocacy officer for COC Netherlands.


Brian is the General Secretary of the Social Democrat Party in Ireland. Previously he was the Executive Director of GLEN one of Ireland's leading LGBT advocacy organisations. He was the co-Director of the successful 'Yes Equality' civil society campaign for the marriage referendum. He has been involved with a range of advocacy, community and cultural LGBT organisations over many years.

Micah Grzywnowicz is the international advocacy advisor at RFSL, the Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights.


Darienne is a senior lay activist in the biggest public service trade union in the UK, UNISON. She is currently Co-Chair of UNISON's National LGBT Committee and has represented LGBT workers interests on UNISON's National Womens Committee. 


Chaber has been involved in LGBTQ activism since 2008 in both international settings and a Polish national NGO Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH), where they've served as President of the Board and the Executive Director since 2012.


Costa Gavrielides is the President of Accept - LGBT Cyprus, the only registered LGBTI organisation in the Republic of Cyprus, formed in 2011. Costa has been actively involved in the foundation of the organisation together with other local like-minded activists.

Soudeh Rad is a queer feminist bisexual Iranian immigrant, who arrived in Europe 27 years ago and has been living France for 18 years now.

President of a French queer feminist NGO, she co-founded Spectrum after years of activism in the French and Iranian queer and feminist movements.  Soudeh holds a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Masters degrees in Change Management and Research in Management Science. 

Olena Shevchenko is a human rights defender and educator from Ukraine whose focuses are LGBT rights and women's rights. She is a Head of Insight, a public organisation she and two of her friends founded and officially registered in 2008. 

Vladimir Simonko is the co-founder and former chair of Lithuanian Gay League (LGL), which was established in 1993. He has long experience and a strong background in working on LGBT rights in Lithuania, acting as expert and trainer in various national and international projects and actively participating in human rights conferences. He holds a bachelor degree from St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television and was involved in film production at the Lithuanian film studios for several years.