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Today is the International Action Day for Trans Depathologisation

ILGA-Europe welcomes the proposal by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to remove the notion of "gender identity disorder" from the International Classification of Diseases.


Extensive coverage of LGBTI issues in the 2014 progress reports and EU Enlargement Strategy

The European Commission has launched its yearly progress reports on the candidate countries to the European Union. As in previous year, the Commission has extensively covered LGBTI rights in its progress reports and made vigorous demands to the countries in the Strategy. ILGA-Europe is content that the European Commission is consistently taking onboard LGBTI issues within the EU Enlargement process.


Estonia becomes the first country of the former USSR to legally recongise same-sex families

Today Estonian parliament approved gender neutral cohabitation law which provides most of rights and protections associated with marriage also to non-married cohabiting couples regardless of the partners’ gender.

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GFEST - Gaywise FESTival

10/11/2014 -22/11/2014
Wise Thoughts
free to 15

Russian QueerFest 2014: A Battleground

Polina Andrianova and Anna Anisimova, QueerFest Organisers

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