Organisational development & design

Caring for organisational development has always been an integral part of our work supporting the LGBTI movements in Europe and Central Asia.

Creating and evolving organisations, groups, collectives and networks is at the core of social change work. There is no universal recipe for success here. A lot of this work is experimental and unique to each and every case.

We are here to support LGBTI activists in creating and developing organisations, groups, collectives and networks that make sense for their purpose and context. For example, along with our grants, LGBTI groups have our support and coaching in fine-tuning their strategies, strengthening financial management systems or practices, and in navigating crises.

We centre and expand this work through the programme – OrgMinds: Insights for Designing Purposeful and Resilient LGBTI organisations.

OrgMinds is a learning programme for LGBTI activists on designing and running organisations, groups, collectives or networks that are fit to advance their missions, bring people together, withstand troubles, and make the best of their resources.

OrgMinds is currently bringing together a group of around 20 LGBTI activists from 14 countries who are:

  • Learning what organisational design is and how it can support their organisations’
  • strategy and mission
  • Getting hands-on tools and solutions for fine-tuning and strengthening their organisations through strategy, structure, and culture, and testing the relevant elements in practice
  • Connecting with a supportive peer network of other LGBTI activists and organisations on this journey of growth and learning.

We are observing, documenting, and building up on the experience of OrgMinds participants to make sure that the rest of the LGBTI movement can access this learning.

To find out more about our Organisational Development and Design programmatic work, contact Senior Programmes & Policy Officer, Anastasia here.

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