Community Organising

ILGA-Europe provide online and offline platforms that facilitate experience exchange among LGBTI activists on diverse practices of LGBTI community organising across Europe and Central Asia. These platforms may be workshops and panel discussions, webinars and other resources that allow LGBTI activists to learn from each other, network and share information about their community organising realities.

Community organising underpins success in the LGBTI movement. It helps ensure that whatever we work on is based on real needs, actively involves those most affected and helps mobilise the community.

As diverse as LGBTI people may be, we all share one identity and face similar challenges. Therefore, many of us organise to achieve a common purpose of improving the lives of LGBTI people through social change.

Community organising includes a broad range of different types of activities that people undertake in their communities, to meet the needs of people in those particular settings. All community organising is context, culture and also time specific. It requires setting objectives and making choices about which actions, what resources and means are used, who the action will be with, and the time and place.

To date, ILGA-Europe has supported various initiatives and created learning resources that organisations can easily access. We have conducted numerous webinars on various aspects of community organising including intersectional community organising. We have reflected on different practices of community organising that is inclusive and responsive towards the diverse needs of disabled LGBTI people, bi-cultural LGBTI people and LGBTI migrants, older LGBTI people, and others.

To find out more about our current community organising programmes, email Senior Programmes Officer, Nurbek here.