Watch a series of short campaign videos created by LGBTI activists

Watch this series of short campaign videos created by LGBTI activists who got expert help to make easy, free homemade videos under lockdown conditions – and get some tips and inspiration for making your own!

Despite lockdowns and social distancing, LGBTI activists have to continue communicating and campaigning, and creating our own videos at home has become an ever more important skill. At the end of 2020, ILGA-Europe invited Richard Roaf – director of VideoRev, an expert in helping activists develop low-budget viral campaign videos – to host a video ‘Skills Boost’.

Activists learned strategic, creative and technical tips to create great campaign videos at home, with no budget. Many of the participants created their own videos straight away and got extra help from Richard and each other. 

On Friday 29 January at 13:00 CET (Central European Time), we will be premiering a small selection of their videos. Introduced by Richard Roaf, it will be a moment to learn more about making no-budget campaign videos from the videos themselves, and celebrate this creative, personal, and authentic way for our movement’s messages to travel, even when we cannot.

You can get some tips and inspiration for making your own.