Interactive webinar: Message framing for legal gender recognition based on self-determination

Are you campaigning for legal gender recognition in your country? Discover how to talk about self-determination with policy-makers, media, allies and community members.

ILGA-Europe will host an interactive webinar on message framing for LGBTI activists and allies working on legal gender recognition based on self-determination. We will look into the experience of activists around the globe and put into practice the framing techniques we explored in the previous webinars of the strategic communication series.

You will hear from Mauro Cabral Grinspan, Executive Director of GATE; Sarah Phillips, Chair of TENI; Richard Koehler, Senior Policy Officer at TGEU, and Viktor Heumann, Director of Trans*parent.

Registration closed

The webinar will take place on 11 September 2018 from 17 to 18.30 CEST (Central European Summer Time).