Call for applications: Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Recommendation (2010)5 comprehensive review, 2024

ILGA-Europe will support 20 organisations and groups to input to the review of the Committee of Ministers Recommendation (2010)5 (CM/Rec(2010)5).

The Council of Europe will, in 2024, conduct a third comprehensive review of the Committee of Ministers Recommendation (2010)5 (CM/Rec(2010)5). The CM/Rec(2010)5 was previously reviewed in 2013 and 2019, with coordinated civil society input those reviews.

This will involve the following steps for the Council of Europe and its Member States:

November 2023Council of Europe preparation of a questionnaire for Member States
January 2024Council of Europe pre-fills the questionnaire for Member States based on publicly available information and sends to governments
June 2024Member States complete the questionnaire and return to CoE
2nd half 2024CoE reviews materials from Member States and civil society, prepares report for review by the Steering Committee on Anti-discrimination, Diversity, and Inclusion in 2025

Civil society will have access to the unfilled questionnaire as of November 2023, and is encouraged to submit shadow reports based on the questionnaire.


To ensure strong civil society engagement, ILGA-Europe will support 20 organisations and groups to develop shadow assessments of the questionnaire and submit shadow reports. Additionally, ILGA-Europe will submit the Annual Reviews and Rainbow Maps for the covered time period, and compile a submission of regional specific trends based on the work of the civil society partners in the project.

In early December, ILGA-Europe will host a mandatory kick-off webinar on 13 December 2023 from 14h00 CET to 16h00 CET with all selected participants to talk about the project, the questionnaire, and specific questions for the process. Following this, participants will work independently until the end of February, when they will submit draft completed questionnaires to ILGA-Europe. ILGA-Europe staff will be available to provide 1-on-1 support for organisations and consortia during this period.

On 16 March, all participants will come to Brussels for a mandatory in-person 1-day consultation to discuss their drafts and overall issues with the process, share ideas about where to look for information, and plan their finalisation steps for their submissions. All travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs will be covered by ILGA-Europe for one person per organisation or consortium and do not need to be included in the project budget.

ILGA-Europe staff will remain available for 1-on-1 support following the consultation as participants finalise.

Participants will send their final submissions to ILGA-Europe in May, and will finalise the joint regional submission by the beginning of June. ILGA-Europe will submit all national submissions as well as the regional submission in June.


Deadline / timeframeAction
04 December 2023Call for interest submissions from civil society applicants due
10 December 2023ILGA-Europe informs civil society applicants of selections
13 December 2023Kick-off webinar with civil society participants
From December 2023 to February 2024Grantees work on the questionnaire independently; ILGA-Europe staff available upon request
28 February 2024Civil society questionnaire submissions first draft due
16 March 2024Consultation meeting, Brussels
01 May 2024Civil society final submissions due

Budget and payment schedule

Civil society partners will be able to apply for up to 3000€ per Member State. Individual organisations and consortia are both encouraged to apply. Should more than one organisation or consortia from the same Member State apply with comparable applications, organisations will be encouraged to create one larger consortium to split the funding and the work for the project. It will not be possible to fund more than one project per country.

Payments will be made in two tranches based on deliverables.

Financial reporting or documentation will not be required, but funding must be treated as project-specific in partners’ accounts, and all money must be spent on the project (e.g. not added to reserves). ILGA-Europe retains auditing rights, and should ILGA-Europe auditors choose, they may require documentation to support expenses within this project.


Submit the application pack (below) completed, by Monday, 4 December 2023 at 12:00 PM (noon) CET) to