Good practices: Seta

Thank you to Seta (Finland) for sharing your good practices with us as part of the Come Out for Mental Health campaign!

Eveliina, a Finnish cross-dressing senior, found support and meaningful volunteer work as a spokesperson for Seta’s senior services.

She emphasises how important it is for mental health to be able to express one’s gender as they like in this lovely video from Seta:

Seta on inclusion, diversity and the mental health of LGBTIQ young people:

The rainbow represents an open space for a variety of gender identities and sexual orientations but do we really embrace diversity? Young LGBTIQ people are exposed to rainbow normativity. If a young person can´t relate to certain one-sided norms (for example how LGBTIQ people should look) it may hinder or slow down the development of their identity.

We need to raise awareness about the diversity we have in our community. Peer support groups for LGBTIQ youth should establish common rules for respecting diversity. Let’s support all the shades between the colours in our rainbow!”