LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Laying the grounds for LGBTI sensitive asylum decision-making in Europe

Transposition of the Recast Asylum Procedure Directives and of the Recast Reception Conditions Directive (Published : September 2014)

Anthor: Evangelia (Lilian) Tsourd

Editor: Joël Le Déroff

Directives 2013/32/EU (the recast “Procedures Directive”) and 2013/33/EU (the recast “Reception Conditions Directive”) are some of the directives that make up the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). In this document, references to recitals and articles of both Directives are prefaced as follows: APD (recast Asylum Procedure Directive) refers to Directive 2013/32/EU, and RCD (recast Reception Conditions Directive) refers to Directive 2013/33/EU. Read together with other such instruments, such as Directive 2011/95/EU (the recast “Qualification Directive”), they define a set of obligations for Member States and they shape a European asylum system that is much more sensitive to the cases of LGBTI applicants than was the case in the past. The present document explores the potential of the two Directives adopted in 2013 as regards the rights of LGBTI applicants and the obligations of national authorities in the implementation of the CEAS.