LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Strategic Plans

Read here ILGA-Europe's Strategic Framework for 2019 - 2023.

As we began the work of strategising the next five years of ILGA-Europe’s work in Europe and Central Asia, we took a moment to reflect on what we are uniquely placed to do for our membership and the overall LGBTI movement.

For a long time at ILGA-Europe there was a sense that we needed to be experts on a range of things, on specific topics, on a specific area of law, on specific types of capacity building, and so on. At the end of our previous strategic plan, what we really anchored at the core is that we do not need to be the experts, for there are many, many experts out there. We came to an understanding that our role is to harness the knowledge and capacity that exists in the wider movement and to make sure it's amplified. Our role is to have this unique overview of everything that's going on, and to connect those with expertise and resources, whether they're in LGBTI movement or from other parts of society, to increase the overall ability of LGBTI activists to bring about change for their communities.

In addition to this shift in thinking, we wanted to have a tool that would guide us, keeping in mind the world we live in, where we need to be able to adapt quickly, to be agile, and to understand that different parts of the work are completely interconnected. 

This Strategic Framework examines and expands on the roles ILGA-Europe will play over the next five years, where the organisation has a unique value to add and where we're uniquely placed to play those roles. It’s about how and where we complement others rather than reinventing the wheel or replicating what is already being done very well. It’s about our need for flexibility and adaptability in a rapidly evolving landscape, rather than focusing on specific thematic priorities or specific countries.

Previous strategic plans:

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