LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Yuri Guaiana


Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti

Yuri Guaiana holds a PhD in History of Contemporary Europe and a bachelor's degree in Political Sciences. He worked as a fellow with the History Department at the University of Milan and has been Vice President of Borough 2 Council in Milan since 2011. He has been national secretary of the Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti - an Italian organization promoting Human Rights, Civil Rights and LGBTI rights via lobbying, advocacy campaigns and strategic litigations - since 2011. His involvement in the LGBTI Italian movement, though, began in 1995 when he founded a local LGBTI organization in Como.

His first experience in an LGBTI movement overseas was in Sydney where he worked Administration Assistant for OutFm and as events Assistant for Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. He has been a contributor to many LGBTI newspaper and magazines and now holds a weekly press review on Radio Radicale. Among many other activities, he has been involved in several advocacy campaigns, including the one that led to the Italian Constitutional Court ruling that demands to grant same-sex couples and married couples same rights.