LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Costa Gavrielides


Accept - LGBT Cyprus

Costa Gavrielides is the President of Accept - LGBT Cyprus, the only registered LGBTI organisation in the Republic of Cyprus, formed in 2011. Costa has been actively involved in the foundation of the organisation together with other local like-minded activists. He helped draft strategic moves for the organisation, advocating for the voting of a Civil Partnership law in Cyprus while assisting LGBTI asylum seekers and non-Cypriot same-sex couples locally.

In May 2014, he oversaw the organisation of the first Cyprus Pride Festival, an event fiercely contested by the Church of Cyprus. The first Pride Parade was eventually attended by over 4500 people, making it one of the most successful marches for social rights in Cyprus in recent history. Costa was instrumental for gathering support to the event by almost all parliamentary political parties who marched together with Mr. George Vasiliou - former President of Cyprus, MEPs, MPs, the European Commission, the European Parliament, fifteen Embassies and NGO's amongst others.

Costa has lived and worked in London, for 10 years and has a Business/IT background. He holds an MSc on E-Commerce from the University of Westminster and currently works in the aviation industry.