European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association


The LGBTI movement needs to be able to make the case for change strong to whoever we address. This requires clear communication that leads to understanding and will get everybody on board towards the ultimate aim of the movement – change for LGBTI people. Communication is at the core of building a better society. Effective communication is also a key to convince decision makers getting laws adopted and even in organising our own work, whether that is with the community and in our organisations. We constantly explore how to design, deliver and evaluate new communications methods. It is a prime focus for ILGA-Europe to explore how a values and frames analysis can help us tell better stories. We need to ask ourselves what values for change we want to promote and how these are framed – and equally important how do opponents to equality communicate their values. It makes an incredible difference to reflect on this if the European LGBTI movement wants to be better to tell the convincing story which ultimately seeks to change the hearts and minds. Moreover it will help to develop effective responses to the damaging anti-LGBTI equality discourse which are the reality in an increasing number of European countries.

Hence, strengthening our ability to communicate effectively is an important priority in ILGA-Europe’s work.  We aim to use the full potential of both traditional and social media. Communication is about informing people and advocating on the issues that are most importantly for LGBTI people. In our work we distinguish key strategic audiences, as they all require unique communication strategies. Yet, it is clear that the usage of traditional and social media needs to be expanded with strategic thinking, planning and clear advocacy objectives. This has proven to be an effective combination towards social change – for ILGA-Europe and for its member organisations on national level.

ILGA-Europe facilitates various trainings sessions and structured coaching for our member organisations to build skills on e.g. working with the media, social media tools and strategic communication planning.