LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Our expertise

When it comes to movement building, ILGA-Europe brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. The overall objective of ILGA-Europe's movement building work is to strengthen the organisational capacity of LGBTI organisations to achieve change.  In order to put this plan into action, ILGA-Europe has developed extensive experience and competences in capacity-building since our foundation in 1996. Through various projects and programmes, the organisation offers a wide range of services - which includes both trainings and coaching on issues such as documenting and monitoring human rights violations, communication, advocacy planning, litigation and financial and organisational management. All these activities support the skills-building efforts and organisational development of LGBTI groups across the region.

Traditionally, the work of ILGA-Europe has focused on a human rights based approach. This approach focuses on ensuring the implementation of, and adherence to, international human rights standards. In this context, organisations throughout Europe have been trained to document human rights violations, record the extent to which international human rights norms and standards are adhered to, and carry out advocacy work in support of this.

Increasingly, other dimensions of work have been added to the human rights based approach. Much of our capacity building in the last decade has focused on movement strengthening. Trainings help activists run their organisations effectively, to institutionalise democratic principles, ensure their work reflects the needs and shared priorities of the communities they represent, and make sure they have sound governance and administrative system in place.

ILGA-Europe also offer training that helps to address security concerns that organisations and activists may experience. Communication, campaigning and mobilisation are newer areas of work in which ILGA-Europe started to enhance its knowledge and experience.

In case a member organisations signals a needs for movement building in which ILGA-Europe does not have experience or capacity in-house, ILGA-Europe can tap into its extensive network of consultants and partner organisations to identify the right support. When funding is available ILGA-Europe can facilitate the organisation of such external training.

The following sections describe particular areas of ILGA-Europe's in-house movement building expertise in greater detail: