LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

The Fund supported small and medium-scale projects (up to 5,000 euros with no minimum amount requirement), intended to produce reports on the situation and cases of today and immediate past with a potential to be used for advocacy purposes. Historical projects are not eligible. The documentation themes supported by the Fund in the previous calls are human rights violations by law-enforcement authorities, discrimination of LGBT people in prisons, discrimination and hate crimes on the grounds of gender identity and expression, access of LGBT people to healthcare or education, hate crimes and hate speech (including in media), quantitative studies (e.g. based on questionnaires) on human rights violations and discrimination. Three projects had been supported within this call in Azerbaijan, Cyprus, and Ukraine.

The information contained in the documentation reports has subsequently been used by ILGA-Europe in its lobbying activities with the European institutions: European Union, Council of Europe and the OSCE.

Azerbaijan: Documenting human rights violations on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity by law enforcement authorities in Azerbaijan

by Gender and Development

Planned period of implementation: 2009- 2010
Name of the implementing organization: Gender & Development
Contact information: Email
Telephone: +99450 620 20 78
Contact person: Kamran Rzayev
Grant awarded : 5,000 euros

The project aims at increasing visibility of human rights violations against LGBT people by law-enforcement authorities in Azerbaijan. Gender and Development hopes to raise awareness of society and relevant stakeholders and positively change their attitudes and practices by producing a documentary reflecting social, political and legal position of sexual minorities in Azerbaijan. The product will be used for a wide audience, including civil society, law-enforcement bodies, and international inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Cyprus: Documentation of LGBT Human Rights Violations in Northern Cyprus: A First Report

By Initiative against Homophobia

Planned period of implementation: February 2009 - March 2010
Name of the implementing organization: Initiative Against Homophobia
Contact information: Email, Website
Grant awarded : 5,000 euros

The project will start with a collection of data concerning different kinds of discrimination and human rights violations against LGBT people in Northern Cyprus through questionnaires and interviews with the LGBT community. The product will be the first published report in Northern Cyprus about human rights violations against LGBT people. This report will be launched at a press conference and will be disseminated to political parties and the parliament, as well as to other actors (i.e. teachers, trade unions, journalists).

Ukraine: Transgender Research Project (TRP)

By Insight

Period of implementation: March 20009 – September 2010
Name of the implementing organisation: Insight
Contact information: Email, +30 050 410 75 59
Grant awarded: 4988 euros

The project aimed at collecting information about the lives of transgender people in Ukraine with the focus on the problems and needs they face because of their gender identity. The research interviewed 37 transgender people with different identities from different regions of Ukraine, describing their experiences of coming out and living as trans people. The collected information was analyzed to identify major discrimination facets transgender people face in Ukraine .