LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

The call aimed to support small-scale projects (up to 2,000 euros) intended to document (cases of) discrimination, hate crimes and other human rights violations committed on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Priority areas of the call were: hate crimes and hate speech (including in media), brutalities of law-enforcement authorities, legal position of LGBT people in an eligible country, freedom of assembly and association.

Five projects had been supported within this call in Armenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, and Serbia.

The information contained in the documentation reports has subsequently been used by ILGA-Europe in its lobbying activities with the European institutions: European Union, Council of Europe and the OSCE.

Armenia: Armenian LGBT Human Rights Campaign

Name of the implementing organisation: We for Civil Equality

Contact information:

Address: 10, Mashtoc, apt. 27, Yerevan, Armenia

e-mail :

phone : + 374 91 32 99 38

Contact person: Karen Badalyan

Grant amount: EUR 2000

Period of implementation: February – December 2007


The project aims to document and report LGBT harassment and violation cases amongst the LGBT community in Armenia.

Hungary: Case documentation of human rights violations against LGBT people in Hungary

Name of the implementing organisation: Habeas Corpus

Contact information:

1364 Budapest, Pf. 31.,,

Contact person: Gábor Kuszing

Grant amount: EUR 2000

Period of implementation: January – December 2007


The project aims at collecting case studies of human rights violations against LGBT people in Hungary. Approximately 20 cases are identified and surveyed in accordance with ILGA-Europe’s guidelines as put forward by the seminar in Ljubljana in 2006. The cases will be analysed qualitatively and will be put together in a publication which could be used as an advocacy tool by other LGBT organizations both at a national and European level.

Lithuania: Documenting Hate Speech in Lithuanian media

Name of the implementing organisation: Lithuanian Gay League

Contact information:

Address:A. Jaksto 22 -15,01105 Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone : + 370 52610314

E-mail :

Contact person: Virginija Prasmickaite, Linas Juozulynas

Grant amount: EUR 2000

Period of implementation: February – June 2007


The project aims at putting together a sustainable documentation/information archive on hate speech in media against LGBT people in Lithuania. Information materials will be printed out to address the LGBT community as well as NGOs and civil society in order to raise awareness on hate speech in the media and its effects within the society.

Romania: Human Rights Violations in Romanian Penitentiaries

Name of the implementing organisation: Accept Association

Contact information:

Address: 10thLirei Street, Bucharest, Romania,


Contact person: Florentina Bocioc, Executive Director

Grant amount: EUR 2140

Period of implementation: February - August 2007


The treatment of LGBT people and MSM (men who have sex with men) in the Romanian penitentiary system is degrading and extremely humiliating. In some of these locations MSM are repeatedly sexually abused and raped and their attempts of notifying the prison guards are ignored. In some penitentiaries their attempts to work are refused due to the heavy social pressure of other inmates who are not willing to mix up with „homosexuals”.

This project intends to document and monitor cases of abuse and discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation in the penitentiary system, encouraging victims to speak up and defend their rights. ACCEPT will present its findings to Romanian authorities and suggest clear recommendations to improve the treatment of LGBT people in the penitentiary regime.

Serbia: Look and listen: monitoring hate speech and documenting cases of discrimination of LGBT people

Name of the implementing organisation: Taboo

Contact information:

Office adress: Serbia, Kragujevac 34 000, Grada Sirena Street 3/31

phone: +381 34 348 378


Contact person: Dushan Borisavljevich

Grant amount: EUR 1280

Period of implementation: February - December 2007


The project monitors the hate speech in selected Serbian newspapers and document cases of discrimination on basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in central Serbia.