LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

XIV call for proposals within the Documentation and Advocacy Fund: data-collection of LGBTI discrimination in employment

In 2015-2016 ILGA-Europe implemented the XIV call for proposals within its Documentation and Advocacy Fund. This call was focused specifically on data-collection of discriminatory practices in the field of employment. The total number of grants awarded under this call is 8. The fund is supported by the government of the Netherlands and an anonymous donor.

The specific goal of this call is to allocate grants to document existing discrimination in access to and in employment for LGBTI people in selected countries across Europe. More specifically, selected projects aim to:

  • Allow for a better analysis of the importance of anti-discrimination legislation in employment, but also the effectiveness of accompanying measures that help reduce day to day discriminatory actions in the workplace
  • Explore the specific barriers faced by trans and/or intersex persons, LGBTI people from a minority ethnic background, older LGBTI people, LGBTI people with disabilities, in the employment field and identifying needs in this area (e.g. data collection to explore specific barriers faced by LGBTI persons or their specific needs in employment field based on structured interviews with them)
  • Analyse LGBTI inclusive or/and discriminatory policies adopted and implemented by employers / state institutions and what impact they have in different countries (e.g.  analysis of relevant existing policies and comparisons with other regions/countries, interviews with policy makers in charge of employment policies contents, exploring the level of ‘heteronormativity’ in employment policies)
  • Collect and analyse data on different employers’ (state, business, private) competence and attitudes in the field of LGBTI issues (quantitative surveys to be filled to self-assess their level of knowledge & know-how and surveys to assess awareness and attitudes of relevant personnel in different institutions)
  • Encourage cross-border projects, to facilitate the sharing of a methodology for documenting LGBTI discrimination in employment and allowing exchange of good practices and cooperation on developing non-discrimination legislation and measures.

The following organisations implement projects under this call:

Hungary: Stories beyond the data: documentation of discrimination in the field of employment

Name of the implementing organisation: Hatter Society

Contact information: e-mail:, Tel: +36 1 238 0046

Contact person: Bea Sandor

Grant amount: EUR 7485

Period of implementation: July 2015– June 2016

The project was aimed at complementing Háttér’s already existing quantitative research in the field of employment with a qualitative component. The project used surveys as well as semi-structured interviews and focus groups to gather testimonies and detailed descriptions of discriminatory practices and on how these influence LGBTQI and heterosexual people’s lives and options. It shed light on the situation of trans people in the field of employment, best practices, survey and enhancement the knowledge of HR personnel. It also provided new data, more visibility, and more evidence-based arguments to be used in advocacy activities and informing more LGBTQI people on their rights and options.


Italy: Making Equality Real: LGBTI People and Labour Discrimination in Italy

Name of the implementing organisation: Avvocatura per i Diritti LGBTI

Contact information: e-mail:, Tel: 0039 3334020741

Contact person: Giacomo Viggiani

Grant amount: EUR 7500

Period of implementation: July 2015– June 2016

The project intended to fill the gap in the previous Italian research, by explaining the quantitative data available through semi-structured qualitative interviews to LGBTI people and lawyers. By implementing the project the grantee envisioned to understand why the protection provided by the Directive 78/2000 is legally but not socially effective in Italy or pursued by LGBTI people. The project also helped to update the overview of the old report on the Italian legal framework, which had deeply changed after the legislative decree 150/2011 was enacted. Special attention was given to transsexual and intersex people and to lawyers’ experiences with LGBTI clients discriminated in the field of labour and their legal aid requests (if any) in relation to their “out” or “non-out” condition.


Italy: Documenting LGBTI discriminations in the field of employment

Name of the implementing organisation: Centro Risorse LGBTI

Contact information: e-mail:; Tel: +3492301084

Contact person: Dafne Spirli

Grant amount: EUR 7156

Period of implementation: July 2015– June 2016

The project aimed at contributing to tackle discrimination in the field of employment in Piedmont through promoting cooperation and creating alliance between workers, employers and relevant stakeholders as well as increasing capacities of NGOs and Trade Union referents in documenting cases and giving support to victims through a help-desk; raising awareness of civil society through a communication campaign called “RAC-CONTA! lavoro”. The advocacy strategy under this project aims at influencing policy makers in order to gain the approval and further implementation of a Regional law against discrimination. The project will help as well to further contribute in a positive way in the future political strategies about the issue of employment for the LGBTI people.


Lithuania: Forging forward toward recognition: documenting experiences of trans* individuals in the sphere of employment

Name of the implementing organisation: Lithuanian Gay League (LGL)

Contact information: e-mail:; Phone: +370 5 261 0314

Contact person: Tomas Vytautas Raskevičius

Grant amount: EUR 6999

Period of implementation: July 2015– June 2016

The project aimed at collecting qualitative data on discrimination faced by the transgender community of Lithuania within the sphere of employment, the first such national assessment of its kind. The collected data intended to be used for developing evidence-based advocacy tools in order to demonstrate the importance of amending the Labor Code to include gender identity as a ground of discrimination to policy and decision makers. The collected data is planned to be also used in sensitising private and public employers about the challenges faced by trans* individuals in applying for employment and during their actual period of employment. Based on the project results, LGL started cooperation with the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung to develop a comprehensive training module for business representatives encouraging them to address the issue LGBT* diversity in the workplace. It will be sought to integrate the findings of the implemented project activities within the framework of the developed training module with the view of addressing the issues of gender identity and/or gender expression in the course of both the recruitment practices, as well as the internal policies on harassment and discrimination. It is foreseen to implement the trainings for the core business representatives in the second half of 2017.


Romania: Documenting workplace discrimination against LGBTI persons and promoting effective protection measures among employers

Name of implementing organisation: Association ACCEPT  

Contact information: e-mail:; Tel: +40 745 666 788; +40 21 2525620

Contact person: Carolina Marin

Grant amount: EUR 6480

Period of implementation: July 2015– June 2016

The project aimed to document existing discrimination in access to and in employment for LGBTI people in Romania. To this end, a comprehensive analysis was developed, focusing on the current anti-discrimination legislation in employment, but also the existence and effectiveness of any policy or practical measures that prevent or reduce discrimination of LGBTI persons in the workplace. The recommendations of the Report, the Factsheet, the Toolkit are available and to be distributed in print and electronically to institutions responsible for enforcing labour law, collective bargainers, such as trade union leaders as well as to private employers who have a significant amount of power to set the standard in their particular industry. The outcomes of the report will be used to further develop advocacy actions related to the amendment of the Anti-discrimination Law in order to eliminate existing issues with regard to the Directive 2004/113/EC and Directive 2006/54/EC, when it comes to the restrictive understanding of gender identity and limited to no protection against discrimination on the ground of gender identity.


Spain: LGBT Employment INDEX

Name of the implementing organisation: FELGTB

Contact information: e-mail:

Contact person: Jenifer Rebollo Norberto

Grant amount: EUR 7500

Period of implementation: July 2015– June 2016

The project aimed at measuring actual sexual diversity and equal treatment policies performed by companies, as well as to identify good practices in fighting indirect discrimination at workplace. The project results provide serious and sound evidence for advocacy purposes with policymakers and business administration. The report is to be presented to the Secretary of State for Equality after the project completion. The proposal has already been accepted. Locally the report serves to support the work that entities made with the municipality and autonomous communities in relation to laws against LGTBfobia. The organisation met the parliamentary group of the PSOE in the city of Madrid, to present the project results and discuss what are the social clauses that the Madrid City Council is proposing companies to access to public procurement and also included those related to respect for sexual and gender diversity.


Turkey: The Research for Trans Women’s Alternative Work Experiences in Turkey

Name of the implementing organisation: Social Policies Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association (SPoD)

Contact information: e-mail:; Phone: +90212 292 48 02 / +90 5549420693

Contact person: Serhat Kacan

Grant amount: EUR 5252

Period of implementation: July 2015– June 2016

The project was focused at collecting work experiences and alternative job opportunities through conducting interviews with trans women in work life, except sex-workers. The study was conducted in the cities of İstanbul and Mersin with 15 interviewees using qualitative approach. As a result of this study a report was drafted and will be shared with the ministries, parliamentarians, and various institutions. The results of this study will be used as an advocacy strategy for employment of transsexual women. The report is accessible on the website and will be used with the advocacy purposes amongst LGBTI organisations, human resources of firms and companies in the private sector, unions, and authorities in the public sector, employment agencies, law makers, and parliamentarians.


Turkey: Documentation of homophobic and transphobic discrimination in employment in Turkey

Name of the implementing organisation: Kaos GL

Contact information: e-mail:

Contact person: Murat Köylü

Grant amount: EUR 6030

Period of implementation: July 2015– June 2016

The aimed to monitor, document and based on the results to report discrimination in Turkey on the grounds of SOGI in public and private sector employment. The data were collected via on-line reporting and face-to-face interviews to utilise the outputs in clear-cut strategic "legislative advocacy" activities. Due to the current situation in the country the impact of the report on legislative and decision making levels is expected in more long-term perspective. Besides, the report will serve as an efficient tool for advocacy work towards/within trade unions. English version of the report can be efficiently used in international advocacy work.