LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Training seminar on European level strategic litigation in the field of sexual orientation/gender identity asylum

As part of its programme to encourage the use of strategic litigation to promote LGBTI rights in Europe, ILGA-Europe is holding a training seminar on sexual orientation/gender identity asylum cases and the European Court of Human Rights report/Court of Justice of the European Union

The objective of this training is to provide participants from LGBTI organisations working on asylum:

  1. With the knowledge to identify cases which would have strategic value at European level
  2. The capacity to encourage such cases by providing sufficient understanding of the case law and procedures of the ECtHR and CJEU to enable them to engage in informed dialogue with legal experts and clients in this field.

It is also intended that the knowledge of international standards gained will help organisations in advocacy related aspects of their work.

The training session is targeted at board members and staff or volunteers in LGBTI organisations who play a leading role in their work on asylum issues. Lawyers working closely with LGBTI organisations, who are not experts in the European aspects of asylum, will also be considered, if proposed by a member organisation.

The training session is not intended for those acting in an individual capacity, nor for those who are already expert in the subject matter.

Profile of participants
Participants must be:

  • Holders of a position of responsibility in an ILGA-Europe member organisation, and working on asylum issues, or a lawyer working closely with an LGBTI organisation, who is not expert in European aspects of asylum
  • Supported in their application by their organisation
  • Willing to promote the use of European level strategic litigation within their organisation in relation to asylum
  • Able to communicate effectively in English
  • Able to participate for the full duration of the training session

Depending on the overall level of interest in the seminar, it may be possible to accept more than one participant from the same organisation.

Date and Place of the Training
Date: 8/9 September 2012
Place: Brussels
Arrival: Evening of 7 September 2012
Departure: After lunch on 9 September 2012