LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Strategic litigation training - discrimination against same-sex families, November 2011

As part of its programme of work to encourage the use of strategic litigation to promote LGBT rights in Europe, ILGA-Europe is holding a one-day training session on litigation in the field of discrimination against same-sex families, in association with NELFA, the Network of European LGBT Families Associations

The objective of this training is to give participants a basic grounding in:

a) the general concept of strategic litigation, whether at national or European level;

b) the practicalities of taking cases under the European Convention;

c) the specific case law principles of the European Court of Human Rights and European Court of Justice relevant to cases on same-sex family specific issues

d) the broader advocacy work that may be needed to accompany such strategic litigation cases

The aim is to equip participants with sufficient knowledge of same sex family-related strategic litigation to build it into their organisation's advocacy plans, to identify or create situations which could give rise to good cases, and to engage in informed dialogue with their legal advisers.

The training session is targeted at board members, staff or volunteers in LGBT organisations working on same-sex family rights, who play a leading role in the development of organisational advocacy plans. It is not intended for those acting in an individual capacity, or for those who already have a wide knowledge of strategic litigation in this field.

It will take place in Strasbourg on Sunday 20 November 2011 immediately following the Autre Cercle “Conference on Mutual Recognition of Registered Partnerships and Same-sex Marriages Within the European Union”, so that participants in the training session may also take part in this conference.

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