LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

National action plans

What is a national action plan?

Commitments by national governments to consistently work and systematically address LGBTI issues have proven very effective in helping to achieve LGBTI equality. The adoption of formal “national action plans” or “national roadmaps” can progress equality work in various areas at the same time (e.g. family, discrimination, hate violence, etc.).

National action plans are drawn up by national public authorities and contain concrete goals and clear timelines. Simply put, they help to put good intentions into practice and make LGBTI rights a reality.

Experience proves that such an approach works. It also provides a benchmark against which to monitor progress. Countries like the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Norway and Montenegro have adopted such plans, and they are progressing towards full equality. Find the latest data on our Rainbow Europe module.

How does ILGA-Europe work on national action plans?

It is important that local groups and national LGBTI organisations advocate for these kinds of action plans, and that they are consulted throughout the process. ILGA-Europe’s approach is to support the efforts of our national members, by advising them on advocacy plans, commenting on drafts, or providing joint input in consultations organised by governments.

ILGA-Europe also opened in 2014 a call for projects to fund national members working on the adoption of national action plans. We are currently supporting our members in that direction in a total of 6 countries.

ILGA-Europe is monitoring existing national action plans. They constitute one of the criteria we use in our Rainbow Europe Module.

For more information, contact Katrin Hugendubel, Advocacy Director