LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Equality through action plans

What is an equality action plan?

An action plan is a detailed proposal outlining a country or organisation’s goals and the specific steps that must be taken to make that change happen. An action plan on LGBTI equality is a plan which equips state actors to achieve the goal of LGBTI equality and a proactive approach to fight discrimination. They set out measures in a set timeframe and naming responsibilities. In the best case, they also allocate funding. Simply put, action plans help put good intentions into practice and make human rights and equality for LGBTI people a reality.

Why is it important for ILGA-Europe to work towards actions plans?

A lot of European countries have adopted anti-discrimination legislation. Sadly, legislation does not always ensure full equality in itself. Effective action plans set out supportive measures, information and awareness raising campaigns, that help making equality a reality for everyone. Laws and policies are brought to life with action plans, and they have proven to be a driving force for change.

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