LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Voices of ILGA-Europe

Our brand new Voices of ILGA-Europe video project, in which members of ILGA-Europe from across Europe and Central Asia tell us about their journeys to the frontlines of LGBTI activism, the highs and the lows of their activist lives, the challenges facing them now, and how they have been supported by the work we do for and on behalf of our 600-plus member organisations.

Czeslaw Walek on the Frontlines for Equal Marriage in the Czech Republic

Our second Voices of ILGA-Europe contributor is Czeslaw Walek, the Chair of Prague Pride, who we met during our most recent conference in Prague. Czeslaw talked to us about the frustrations that powered his journey from the high offices of government to becoming one of the Czech Republic’s most prominent activists, and how ILGA-Europe has helped along the way.

"The ILGA-Europe conference, as such, is a great place to meet other fellow activists, and to exchange the information, best practices, to learn from each other and to help each other, also to create alliances for future work. But ILGA-Europe isn’t only the conference, you have the Rainbow Map, you have the advocacy on an EU level and also give us information on what’s going on in other countries.

We were part of the trainings around the anti-gender movement, and that helped a lot because this movement is growing in the Czech Republic as well, so seeing how this movement is tackled in other countries was a great help."

Intersex Activist Audrey Agerter from Switzerland

Watch our first video interview with passionate intersex activist, Audrey Agerter of InterAction Suisse, the first of our ILGA-Europe members from across Europe and Central Asia who talked to us about the great work they’re doing.

“I participated in a workshop on public campaigns for intersex human rights at the ILGA-Europe office in Brussels, in June 2018. I think this was very important for us because through the toolkits we received we managed to have a clear idea on how to frame our message, on how to discuss the topic. And then I participated in two ILGA-Europe conferences, in Brussels and Prague, and to see all the excitement and all the people working together and to see all the atmosphere, and the ideas and the capacity, I find it very empowering and very helpful. It’s a way of motivation for me as an activist, and also for InterAction.”

Our next Voices of ILGA-Europe video interview will be out soon, and we look forward to sharing lots more inspirational LGBTI activist stories with you!