LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

LGBTI youth

Survey finds that LGBTIQ organisations and homeless services across Europe are dealing with large numbers of LGBTIQ youth homelessness

A survey of 71 organisations across 32 European countries finds that over 60% have worked with LGBTIQ youth experiencing homelessness, while homeless services lack the skills and competencies to provide safe and welcoming spaces for LGBTI people.

How you can help persecuted Russian LGBT+ activist, Yulia Tsvetkova

By the end of 2018, at the age of 25, Yulia Tsvetkova had already made some of her dreams come true: opening a theatre for kids, launching a sex-ed project for teenagers, and creating feminist resources online. A year later and ever since, this feminist and LGBT+ activist is facing up to six years in prison, is receiving death threats, and cannot leave her town in Russia’s Far East. Only in 2021 the long and torturous investigation led to a trial and in October she had a first administrative win among the many charges she’s facing. Read on to learn more about Yulia’s story and the ways you might help her.