LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia


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Rights on the Move - Handbook on the Rights of Rainbow Families

By Cara-Friend, 2015

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White Paper

Rights on the Move - Rainbow Families in Europe

By Peace Institute, January 2015

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Is Same-Sex Marriage Legislation Related to Attitudes Toward Homosexuality?

Trends in Tolerance of Homosexuality in European Countries Between 2002 and 2010

By Marc Hooghe & Cecil Meeusen, Sexuality Research Social Policy, Volume 10, Number 4. Copyright: Springer Science+Business Media New York 2013


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A Marriage by Any Other Name? Schalk and Kopf v Austria

By Loveday Hodson, Human Rights Law Review 2011

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Doing Families: Gay and Lesbian Family Practices


Judit Takács and Roman Kuhar, 2011


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The situation of LGBT families in Hungary

Produced by Háttér Support Society for LGBT People and the Inter Alia Foundation, September 2010

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Parenting and Child Development in Adoptive Families

Rachel H. Farr, University of Virginia; Stephen L. Forssell, George Washington University; Charlotte J. Patterson, University of Virginia. 2010


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Voices of Children

By Marriage Equality, Ireland. September 2010

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“Family Matters” The Experiences of Some Families of Lesbian and Gay People in Dundalk

Clarity: Research, Development and Training Ltd. (Updated – November 2009)

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Different Families - The experiences of children with lesbian and gay parents

By Stonewall, UK, June 2010

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