LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Rainbow Europe Map and Index, January 2012

Rainbow Europe Map and Index. Published on 17 May - the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. The Rainbow Europe Map and Index is a tool to see how European countries are doing when it comes to recognising the human rights of LGBT people.

Updated in January 2012


The key points from the map and index:

  • None of the countries in Europe can claim to provide for full legal equality for LGBT people. Every country in Europe still has work to do to achieve LGBT equality – even those which scored the highest on the Index (the United Kingdom (12,5 points) or Sweden and Spain (12 points))
  • 14 countries (including 1 EU Member State) are in the ‘red zone’: gross violations of human rights and discrimination are taking place
  • There are significant variations between countries in Europe: while some have progressed in the past year (e.g. Germany, Portugal), many others are not advancing towards greater recognition of rights (e.g. Cyprus, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Turkey, Ukraine), while in others (e.g. Lithuania, Hungary) we observe the risks of regress
  • Many EU Member States are either around or below average when it comes to respecting human rights and ensuring legal equality of LGBT people. This is particularly worrying considering that the overall European average is very poor.
  • ILGA-Europe’s Rainbow Europe Map and Index rates each European country’s laws and administrative practices according to 24 categories and ranks them on a scale between 17 (highest score: respect of human rights and full legal equality of LGBT people) and -7 (lowest score: gross violations of human rights and discrimination of LGBT people). This is the first time the Map and the Index reflect categories on issues affecting trans people.

The categories look at the

  • inclusion of the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in anti-discrimination and anti-hatred/violence laws
  • existence of legal/administrative procedure for legal gender recognition for trans people
  • legal recognition of same-sex couples and parenting rights
  • respect of freedom of assembly and association of LGBT people
  • equality of age of consent for same-sex sexual acts
  • discriminatory requirements to legal gender recognition of trans people.

NOTE only the map and index have been updated in January 2012

Download Rainbow Europe Map January 2012 here (side A, A3 size) attached
Download Rainbow Europe Index January 2012 here (side B, A3 size) 

Individual maps and indexes for sexual orientation and gender identity (May 2011):

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