LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

New Annual Review (2011)

The concept
Most of you know that already for a couple of years, ILGA-Europe produced Rainbow Europe Map identifying the legal situation for LGB people in Europe and in 2010 we started comparing and indexing them. This proved to be very successful tool and became a very popular product among our members, partner organisations, media and also European and national decision makers. The map was accessible, visual and clear way to note how European countries are doing on LGB equality, get a better pan-European perspective and for the individual countries to compare to each other. It was also a useful tool which visualised how far Europe is from the state we all want to be in! The limitations of the original map were it only covered LGB issues and only according to a few categories.

And here the new Annual report is coming to play. We want to have more detailed picture of Europe and individual Europe countries. We want to cover LGB and TI issues, we want to monitor and document developments in many more areas and establish a tool which will help to document the advance the rights of LGBT people as all well as social changes across the continent. More importantly, we want to start a proper indexing and comparison so it will be easy to identify and follow the changes and developments. This way together we can start writing down our history!

The content

We envisage for each annual report to have sections specific for all main developments relevant to LGBTI people in Europe at global and European levels. We aim to document such developments at the levels of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The report will also contain separate chapters for all individual European countries. Each country chapter will include a summary of the current legal satiation for LGBTI people and will detail all the relevant development in that country during the year.

We will be paying particular attention and document following developments:

  • legislation and policy: proposals, amendments, introduction of new laws and policies
  • statements by politicians, community/religious leader and other prominent and influential individuals
  • practices by state actor such as law enforcement and other agencies
  • jurisprudence – judicial activities by the courts
  • research, polls, other studies carried out in the countries
  • developments within LGBTI movements/infrastructures
  • individuals testimonies.

The process

ILGA-Europe staff and many member organisations are already busy documenting this year’s developments and the country pages on our website are being populated regularly with all the relevant country updates. We are keeping an eye on all possible other relevant information and compiling it. We are currently identifying various experts who would be our focal points on various countries and who would be able to confirm, explain and verify country specific information. We will draft each country section report in the end of 2011 – beginning of 2012 and will disseminate relevant country drafts to our members and contacts in those countries for comment, clarifications and if necessary amendments.

Your participation is crucial! What you can do to help.

Clearly such ambitious project is impossible for the ILGA-Europe staff alone to achieve and this is where we hope and encourage your organisations and you individually will get on board! Throughout the year a lot of relevant information is being circulated at various e-mail lists, published on websites and in papers. Different organisations and individuals have access and knowledge of very different developments which all contribute to a greater and detailed picture of what is happening in each European country of relevance and importance to LGBTI people and their rights.

ILGA-Europe set up a very easy system of collecting and storing such information and encourages you to actively use it:

  • Submit country information on our website: our website has a page dedicate to each individual European country and it could not be easier to post any relevant item on it! If could be a document, research, any other publications, it could be event taking place in your country, it could a project taking place in your country, it could be a news item in the media, it could be your comment or evaluation or your testimony. Whenever you are sending something to euro-queer, sogi or any other list, when you are publishing something on your website – just remember, you can also submit it to ILGA-Europe website. It only takes a few clicks and not much of your time, but the benefits and importance of your contribution cannot be overestimated! Just a reminder – the submissions are being moderated by ILGA-Europe to ensure there is no spam or irrelevant information is being submitted, so please allow a short time before your submission actually appears on our website.
  • Send us e-mail: alternatively we have created a dedicated e-mail address where you can forward us any relevant information and we would know that this is a contribution towards building a picture of your country:
  • Write a short story for our monthly Euroletter: every month ILGA-Europe produced electronic bulletin Euroletter. This is our attempt to capturer all main political and legal development relevant to LGBTI people at European and national levels. You are very much encouraged to contribute with a story on your country. The Euroletter is produced every month during the last week of the month and you can contribute your story by e-mailing us:

As you see, these are very easy options how you can help the report and we sincerely hope you will take part on this ambitious, exciting and important project!

And finally, what’s in it for me, you might wonder
We hope that such annual report documenting the developments regarding the rights of LGBTI people in Europe will be a very useful tool not just for European level advocacy work, but also for you – at your national level.

For European decision makers, politicians, media, researchers and students this will be ‘all in one’ annual document providing them with an overview of the situation across Europe by highlighting the situations and latest developments and thus giving a pretty good picture of each individual country in Europe.

This will be the first such project in Europe which will systematically monitor, measure and index the situation regarding the rights of LGBTI people in Europe (at European and national levels) on an annual basis.

We believe this will be valuable tool to advocacy work on national level as the advocates at national level will be able to compare their countries, to measure their national situation and developments to established European standards and consequently build stronger claim and arguments.

The country section will provide greater visibility to ILGA-Europe’s members and all organisations and individuals who will contribute towards the report will be adequately credited.

So we hope as many as possible organisations and individuals across Europe will get excited about the journey ILGA-Europe just started and will join us un great numbers! Just remember:

It easy, its simple, its fast .
Don’t just stand by – jump on this exciting journey with us!