LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Equality and full enjoyment of human rights for intersex people

ILGA-Europe aim to achieve equality for intersex people and ensure they are protected against human rights violations, discrimination and violence based on sex characteristics.

March 2017

ILGA-Europe aim to include the needs of intersex people in all our work. One of ILGA-Europe’s key role is to contribute to raising awareness about the ongoing discrimination faced by intersex people in our societies, and to enable LGBT organisations to be supportive and inclusive of intersex human rights concerns and intersex people.

Specifically, we want to contribute to ensuring the full respect of the right to bodily integrity of intersex people.

We also call for quick, transparent and accessible legal gender recognition procedures, available to intersex persons, and based on self-determination. Information about those procedures needs to be easily available and understandable.

We advocate for non-discrimination legislation and policies that protect intersex people, as well as specific measures tackling hate crime and incitement based on sex characteristics.