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ILGA-Europe's contribution to the Stakeholder consultation on possible EU measures in the area of paternity leave

Read about ILGA-Europe's key recommendations and download the full text of the contribution.

ILGA-Europe's Key Recommendations

  1. The language of all measures on "paternity leave" should be inclusive so as to ensure that they do not directly or indirectly discriminate against same-sex parents and second-parents
  2. The scope of all measures in the area of paternity and second-parent leave should include same-sex parents
  3. Adopt new EU legislation on paternity and second-parent leave
  4. Address the specific situations of same-sex partners and second-parents
  5. Ban discrimination in access and take-up of paternity and second-parent leave
  6. Make Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 applicable to same-sex partners