LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Seminar: LGBTI organisations fighting HIV and STIs - Moving to Action!

ILGA-Europe and the European Aids Treatment Group (EATG) are hosting a second capacity-building seminar on the role of LGBTI organisations to address HIV and STIs.

Brussels, 21-22 February 2018



In February 2017, ILGA-Europe and EATG jointly held a capacity-building seminar on the role of LGBTI organisations in efforts to address HIV and STIs (find out more about that seminar here). The capacity seminar aimed at providing participants with scientific knowledge regarding HIV-STIs, at identifying barriers that hinder LGBTI activism in the area, and at enabling participants to overcome those barriers and ensure that LGBTI activists are empowered to fully participate in this fight. Participants elaborated actions plans to step up their organisations’ activities regarding sexual health. 

This second capacity-building seminar wants to more directly dive into exchange of practices and project. The objective is to enable a peer to peer learning about ongoing projects and practices and based on these examples identify successful campaigning, intervention and advocacy strategies. Specific emphasis will be put on the question of how these projects have led to an increased engagement and empowerment of the LGBTI community regarding sexual health. We will look into areas such as access to PrEP, inclusive healthcare, community-based testing, etc.


Travel and accommodation costs are covered by ILGA-Europe. The seminar will take place in ILGA-Europe offices (Brussels) on 21-22 February 2018 (arrival on 21/02 lunchtime, departure on 22/02 evening).
Profile of participants
Applicants must have prior knowledge regarding HIV/STIs and they need to come in with a project or a plan to set up a project. All applicants must be ILGA-Europe members’ representatives.  Due to funding limitations, we can only include a small number of participants from outside the EU. 
In its selection process, ILGA-Europe will aim at ensuring a diversity of participants, in terms of:
  • Sexual orientations, gender identities and sex characteristics
  • Regional diversity
  • Levels of expertise and experience of the applicant and their organisation in the area of HIV-STIs  
Application process
Please download and complete the application form and return it by e-mail to Sophie Aujean, by 8th January 2018 at the latest.