LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Prides against Prejudice. A toolkit for pride organising in a hostile environment, 2006

This toolkit is intended to provide ideas and information resources for those wanting to organise Pride events in a hostile environment. The need for it has been made clear by the intense hostility faced by many Pride organisers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Available in English and Russian.

In drawing heavily on their experiences and successes, and matching this input with information on support available from the European institutions and the LGBT community internationally, it aims to underpin the consolidation of progress made so far, and provide the initial know-how for those wishing to arrange events in countries and towns where no Pride events have yet been held.

The struggle to achieve freedom of assembly and expression for LGBT people across Central and Eastern Europe presents enormous challenges, excitement and exhilaration. Hatred and the ever present threat of violence have to be met with great courage and commitment. The photographs included in the toolkit (and provided so willingly by the many photographers) capture the spirit of these important events, honour those who have taken part in them, and will, we hope, inspire many more to take up the cause.