LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia


Read more about the programme of the Annual Conference 2017 here.

Read in the section about how we are putting the Conference programme together.

For any query concerning the Annual Conference programme, please contact us at:

What does the conference programme look like?

Through our QueerED, panels, workshops and various other spaces we will be unpacking this year’s conference theme “CHANGE! Communities Mobilising, Movements Rising”. We are hoping to unpack themes such as populism, class, community organising and grass roots activism and mobilisation.

The programme of the ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference includes approximately 40 workshops lasting 1.5 hours each. Most of the workshops are arranged in advance by ILGA-Europe staff, board and invited experts and are connected to the theme of the conference, dedicated to relevant advocacy issues from a European perspective and/or are capacity-building sessions. As usual, the conference will have a QueerED, plenary panel sessions, consultations and a networking space. This year will also feature a growing number of self-organised sessions.

What will this year’s programme involve?

  • Opening Reception at the Polish Theatre, where ILGA-Europe and local host Kampania Przeciw Homofobii (KPH) will welcome the Annual Conference participants.
  • The first day of the Conference, which will start with an Opening Morning during which we will look back on developments that the European LGBTI Movement has seen since the last conference. The opening will feature a panel which will include speeches by ILGA-Europe’s co-chairs, Joyce Hamilton and Brian Sheehan. The opening will also include a QueerEd Talk, a thought-provoking speech, introducing the theme of this conference and which will inspire and create an empowering environment from the beginning of the conference.  During all of the Conference days various workshops carried out by the participants and ILGA-Europe’s team will take place. Workshops will address many different issues relevant to the Conference theme and to the European LGBTI movement in general, such as: community organising and mobilisation; hate crime; asylum; diversity spaces; health; using eyewitness video to document and support accountability for LGBTI violence; sex work; campaigning and many others.
  • We will provide a space for one-on-one Consultations with selected experts, for more specific questions that might come up during the panels or workshops.
  • Accompanying the formal programme, there will also be many informal activities taking place throughout the Conference. Participants will be able to schedule self-organised meetings on the topics of their specific interests.
  • The Conference will come to an end with a gala dinner at the Palace of Culture and Science, followed by a closing party.

What themes do the workshops cover?

Below you will find an overview of themes/topics that we intend to cover:

  • Campaigning: how to use campaign good practices in our work
  • Using eyewitness video to document and support accountability for LGBTQI violence
  • Mobilising LGBTI communities
  • Inclusive and intersectional community organising; community needs and  individual development in LGBTI community organising
  • Safety and security in ‘at risk’ communities
  • Visibility and action for lesbians
  • Sex work
  • Asylum
  • Hate Crime and hate speech
  • Health projects; HIV/AIDS
  • School Climate
  • Prides in Europe – challenges, opportunities and organising strategies
  • Mainstreaming LGBTI public policies domestically
  • Roma communities
  • Diversity and intersectionality: bringing together diversity spaces
  • Audience and testing
  • Current context in Poland and how to advance the rights of LGBTI people on a local level

Self-organised spaces

Alongside the workshops included in the formal programme, self-organised spaces will be available during the conference. In 2017, ILGA-Europe will make more spaces available for self-organised meetings. Self-organised spaces are not booked before the conference. You can only book a self-organised space during the conference – a dedicated chart will be displayed together with the conference program at the beginning of the conference. The spaces will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Self-organised spaces can be planned or spontaneous and can focus on any subject of interest to the participants of the conference.

Research presentations 

For the second time, ILGA-Europe plan to provide a space for individuals and organisations to share their research regarding LGBTI issues or outcomes of project with other participants of the Annual Conference. By doing this, we want the activists in Europe and Central Asia to get a flavour of projects, publications and other work done by the scholars in the field. We keep a very strict format for presentations, but if you want to learn more, you can approach the presenters later on during the conference.

Call for the Annual Conference Reporters

In the last years ILGA-Europe worked with a Conference Host who functioned as a reporter of the Conference. This year we have decided to introduce a new concept: Conference Reporters. A team of Reporters from within the ILGA-Europe membership will now be responsible for summarizing the proceedings of each day and reporting back to the conference. With a growing conference that sees so many things going on at the the same time, it becomes even more important to bring different perspectives together.

If you are planning to attend ILGA-Europe 21st Annual Conference in Warsaw and would like to share your reflections on its proceedings, then consider applying to be one of our new Conference Reporters. The team will consist of 4 reporters and they will be jointly responsible for production of the summaries of the proceedings of each day (in writing) and an overall report from the conference. They will also present their observations during a discussion in the closing plenary.

We will encourage all other participants to share their observations of the conference with the reporters, as to make sure that a variety of insights from the conference goers is reflected.

We are looking forcandidates who have an understanding of the regional context and feels comfortable looking deeper into the main themes that underpin this year's conference, namely:

  • populism
  • class
  • community organising
  • grass roots and mobilisation.

This is a voluntary task. ILGA-Europe will only consider candidates already planning to attend the conference. Ideal candidates have attended at least one earlier ILGA-Europe conference. 

Selection of Conference Reporters will be done by the ILGA-Europe Executive Board on the basis of relevant experience, as well as by ensuring a diverse representation of our Membership. Candidates will be informed timely and be invited to join a few preparatory conversations in the lead-up to the conference.

For any queries please send an e-mail to

The deadline for submission of the applications is 25 September 2017 - send your application here

Town hall meeting – ‘ILGA-Europe in 2025 – stretching the rainbow horizon’

In addition, at the conference in Warsaw there will be an open space for sharing your ideas and perspectives in a Town Hall style workshop meeting to look at our ideal ILGA-Europe in 2025 and beyond.

We need you to participate in growing the diversity and inclusivity agenda, so ask that you think before the conference and bring your ideas to the Town Hall.  

Given the growth of ILGA-Europe and the challenges ahead, what should a membership-based organisation look like in 2025? We warmly invite you to think how we as members make ILGA-Europe our own space?  The list of questions can be endless, so we would really like to invite you to bring your questions with your good ideas and suggestions as answers to the Town Hall. 

We are excited to see you there!