LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia


The conference is a platform for activists and supporters of the movement to meet and discuss their ideas. ILGA-Europe offer the platform, but we need each and every one of you to help in making the conference a success!

We welcome your ideas that can contribute to the conference’s theme!

What can you do?

  • Propose workshops
  • Propose consultations
  • Propose research or project presentations
  • Share ideas for non-formal parts of the programme

We in particularly welcome proposals and suggestions that speak to the conference theme and that are relevant for a wider variety of activists. Proposals and suggestions will be taken into account by ILGA-Europe when developing the programme. Please note that we welcome input until Friday 7 June (midnight CET). Due to the high number of input received every year, ILGA-Europe will not be able to accommodate all proposals and suggestions made. We aim to provide feedback to all proposals received by mid-July at the latest.

Please note that ILGA-Europe does not cover any costs associated to speakers, experts or otherwise. You are thus responsible for covering any costs associated with workshops, consultations, presentations or other contributions. This is also the case for conference registration costs, travel and hotel costs. The selection of scholars happens independently from the selection of programme contributions.

Please find below further information about how you can make proposals or suggestions!

Propose workshops

Members have the opportunity to propose workshops for the programme. ILGA-Europe reserves at least ten slots for member-led workshops that will be selected by ILGA-Europe board and staff. Workshop proposals should meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be presented on behalf of three or more ILGA-Europe members together, ensure a cross-regional character and ensure diversity amongst speakers
  • Contain an interactive element in its methodology/facilitation that allows for peer-learning
  • Explain how they are relevant for a variety of activists representing different realities

Propose consultations

Short one-on-one consultations with conference participants will be offered by organisations and individuals with expertise in a diversity of topics related to capacity-building of the European LGBTI movement. ILGA-Europe will provide the facilities, space in the conference programme to advertise your services and facilitation of the registration process.

Propose research or project presentations

ILGA-Europe want the activists from Europe and Central Asia to get a flavour of projects, publications and research work done by other activists and academics on LGBTI issues. You will have to opportunity to share relevant project experience or other work in the field with other Annual Conference attendees. Your presentation should not exceed 10 minutes and must give a brief idea of the project/research conducted.

Share ideas for non-formal parts of the programme

Following the outstanding performances by LGBT sex workers at the 2017 Warsaw Annual Conference, ILGA-Europe is looking for ideas on how to make the conference a success and a platform for expression besides the formal programme. We welcome your creative suggestions! We will be equally creative and try to make your ideas happen but please note that we only have very limited capacity/flexibility with space, time or budget.