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Registration, travel and accommodation

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A welcome reception will take place on Wednesday 19 October, so we advise you to arrive in Nicosia during that afternoon. The closing dinner will take place on Saturday evening 22 October; therefore departures are advised for Sunday 23 October. New this year is that self-paying participants will have to book their own accommodation and pay the hotel directly for their accommodation. This year’s conference venue is the Hilton Cyprus Hotel.

Travelling to/from and within Cyprus can include some complexity. On all these matters we provide further guidance below.


Registration closed on 11 September.

The registration fee this year is 325 euros and covers your access to the entire conference programme, from the welcome reception (19 October) to the closing gala (22 October). This fee will also include two daily coffee breaks, lunches, and dinners throughout each day of the conference.

Please note that the cost for late-registration is 375 euros. Contact us for more information.

Cancellation fee

Please note that if you cancel after 11 September, ILGA-Europe will only be able to partially reimburse your registration fee. 


There are two internationally recognised airports for entry into the Republic of Cyprus, Larnaca International Airport (LCA) and Pafos International Airport (PFO). Participants of the conference are recommended to use one of these two airports in order to avoid complications with the authorities. Please make sure to book your travel timely as this can reduce your travel costs significantly. Below we provide further advice on how to travel to/from Cyprus in the most economic ways.

In the north of the island, in the areas where the Republic of Cyprus does not exercise effective control, there is another airport (Ercan - ERC) with direct flights only to Turkey. Participants arriving to Ercan Airport could potentially face problems crossing to the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus as the government of the Republic of Cyprus considers the use of Ercan airport illegal. It might be difficult for ILGA-Europe or local hosts Accept - LGBT Cyprus to offer adequate emergency assistance if problems arise. Participants travelling through this airport do so at their own risk.

Relevant EU regulation states that EU citizens may cross the line from and to the Government controlled areas of the Republic, regardless of their point of entry into the territory of the Republic. When they cross the line from the non-Government controlled areas to the Government controlled areas, they shall undergo a check in order to establish their identity (identity card, passport or other travel document checks) or for the purpose of preventing any threat to public order and security. Crossing the line may be made either on foot or with a car. Regarding third country nationals, those arriving from the points of entry in the northern part of the island are allowed to cross the Green Line to the south only if they are not subject to a visa requirement in Republic of Cyprus, if they possess the necessary visa, and if they possess a long-term visa granted by another member state or who have permanent residence permits of any EU member state and who are entitled to travel as visitors in the EU. According to the regulation the authorities are allowed to cite reasons of securit6y and reject entry to the republic to anyone (including EU nationals) that did not come through the legal points of entry (i.e. Larnaca or Pafos airports). People travelling into the Ercan airport are however given the option of getting a stamp on a separate piece of paper, instead of having it on their passports. Turkish citizens should not get their passport stamped, would they arrive to Ercan airport. They will be required to possess a Schengen-visa for accessing the Republic of Cyprus. Participants wanting to travel to/through northern Cyprus could get further advise from local ILGA-Europe members.

Please note that besides regular airlines there are also low cost and charter flights operating to both airports. However, this type of airlines are not featured in general booking sites and should, therefore, be booked directly from the company’s website. In fact, charter flights are normally sold on holiday packages to touristic destinations, nonetheless, empty seats are often sold separately. Depending on your departure point can be an option worth exploring. (Some examples of charter and low cost companies are: Blue Air, Ellinair, Ryanair, Thomas Cook, Thomson, Transavia or TUI)

In order to find the best available option, we recommend you to take your time and explore every possibility before making your choice. Please, find airlines operating to Larnaca International Airport here and to Paphos International Airport here.

Local transport in Cyprus has its limitations However, here are some good options of what is available from and to the two airports:

  • Larnaca International Airport – Nicosia. Travel time: approximately 40 minutes. Please, find airlines operating to Larnaca International Airport here:
    • Airport shuttle: €8/person. For the schedule, click here. 10 minutes walk from conference hotel, or a 5euro taxi ride. 
    • Shared taxi on set-time schedule: €11-€13/person. For the schedule, click here.
    • Intercity buses (set time-schedule every 1/2 hr, with several stops in-between): €4, longer travel time. Click here for more information. Stops close to conference hotel.
    • A choice between door-to-door private taxis & mini vans. Click here for more information.
  • Paphos International Airport – Nicosia. Travel time: approximately 90 minutes. Please find airlines operating to Paphos International Airport  here:
    • Airport shuttle: €15/person. For the schedule, click here. 10 minutes walk from conference hotel, or a 5euro taxi ride. 
    • Shared taxi on set-time schedule: €23-€25/person. For the schedule, click here.
    • Intercity buses (set time-schedule every 1/2 hr, with several stops in-between): €7, longer travel time. Click here for more information. Stops close to conference hotel. 
    • A choice between door-to-door private taxis & mini vans.Click here for more information.

We recommend the airport shuttle service, as the best value for money and time-reliable option available.


During this year's Annual Conference, all paying participants will need to obtain and book their own accommodation. The registration fee of €325 does not include your hotel accommodation. Please note that the option to book hotel rooms at the conference discounted rate will be closed on Sunday 11 September 2016 for Hilton Cyprus and on Monday 19 September 2016 for Semeli Hotel. Reservations are applicable to cancellation terms and subject to availability.

ILGA-Europe has contracted with the following hotels to ensure all attendees receive a discounted hotel daily cost:

  • Hilton Cyprus Hotel - This is the location of the conference - all workshops and plenary session will take place here. Please complete the online registration through the hotel's website to receive discounted fee and provide them with a valid credit card. Daily rates: €95/single and €105/double
  • Semeli Hotel - Five minute walk from the conference hotel. Please print off the attached document and email or fax the completed form to the hotel. Daily rates: €75/single and €85/double

Please click the links above to complete your individual hotel booking. All daily hotel costs include breakfast and high-speed internet for all attendees. You will need a valid credit card to make your hotel reservation.

Even if ILGA-Europe has negotiated a discounted rate for the hotels above, you should note that it is not compulsory to book your accommodation for the conference in those hotels. Please find two budget options below and feel also free to explore your own options.

Assistance with shared rooms

For participants wanting to book a shared room, but not having found yet another individual to share the room with, ILGA-Europe offer assistance in assigning another individual for the same room.

If you are interested, please register first with the hotel of your choice, pay for half of the room, and complete the following document with your rooming preferences.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email

Visa request

If you need to request a travel visa in order to attend the Annual Conference, please complete the following document at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email.

Pre-Conference Trainings and Meetings

If you are attending a pre-conference training or meeting hosted by ILGA-Europe, someone from ILGA-Europe will contact you with further registration details.