LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Scholarship programme

The process for the Annual Conference scholarship programme is now closed.

ILGA-Europe offers scholarships for activists who would otherwise be unable to participate in the conference for financial reasons. We are only able to offer a limited number of scholarships and therefore encourage you to seek funding in advance within your organisation or from available funding sources.

Process and timeline 

In order to allow more people to attend the Annual Conference, ILGA-Europe offers two scholarship opportunities:

  • 1st round – Full scholarship: This includes the coverage of participation fee, accommodation and travel costs

The process for full scholarship applications is now closed.

  • 2nd round – Partial scholarship: This includes coverage of only part of the costs

The process for full scholarship applications is now closed.


Selection criteria

In assessing applications for scholarships ILGA-Europe will take into account the following:

  • ILGA-Europe are committed to ensuring outreach and accessibility for LGBTI communities in all their diversity. We give particular attention to diversity of representation from delegations to the Annual Conference – whether it is in terms of sexual orientations, gender identities and/or gender expression, sex characteristics, cultures, religions, linguistic, ethnic groups as well as in terms of age, disability, visual or hearing ability, health status, financial means and family composition/responsibilities or other identities.
  • We particularly welcome applications from activists belonging to groups which are under-represented within the LGBTI movement.
  • We prioritise the activists that have not been able to participate in the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference previously.
  • In cases where there was more than one application from one organisation that fulfils our criteria, we decide to grant only one. We leave it to the organisations to nominate their representatives.
  • ILGA-Europe also welcome participants coming from regional branches or smaller members of your own networks .
  • Selected applicants will need to demonstrate how they contribute to the work of ILGA-Europe and to that of the LGBTI movement in their region (Europe and Central-Asia).
  • Given ILGA-Europe's geographic focus, applications from  activists living and/or working outside Europe and Central-Asia will not be considered.

Rules applicable to scholars

  • Approved scholars are expected to take active and full part in the conference program.
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses will be made on the basis of registered attendance and upon completing a mandatory conference evaluation form.
  • In requesting the scholarship, participants confirm that their application is supported by the organisation they represent. They commit full support to ILGA-Europe's Diversity Policy and Code of Conduct on Mutual Respect
  • Failure to comply with the above rules will result in the withdrawal of the scholarship.

Registration and accommodation

If you are applying as a scholar, please do not register online for the moment. ILGA-Europe will get in touch with you directly regarding the outcome of your scholarship application.

Please note that all scholars will be offered shared accommodation (twin room) and will be informed in due time about which hotel they have been assigned to.

If you have any questions, please contact us at