LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Annual General Meeting 2018

Read more about the statutory Annual General Meeting for members of ILGA-Europe, which is held during the Annual Conference.

Since 18 July, we have open the call for...

  • ILGA-Europe Executive Board candidates’ nomination until 5 September  ***CLOSED***
  • ILGA World European Representatives’ reserves until 5 September  ***CLOSED***
  • European Regional Representatives to the ILGA Intersectional Committees until 1 October ***CLOSED***
  • Next Conference Host nomination in 2020 until 1 October  ***CLOSED***

Since 3 October, we have new documents for...

  • Final agenda of the AGM
  • Information about the candidates to the ILGA-Europe Board
  • Information about the candidates for European representatives to the ILGA World Board
  • Information about the candidates to ILGA World’s intersectional committees
  • Information about candidates to host the 2020 Annual Conference

Find below the documents to help you out on:

Agenda of the Annual General Meeting

Elections to the ILGA-Europe Executive Board

Proposals or Resolutions to the Constitution

Annual Conference 2020

Elections to the ILGA-World Executive Board

Delegate and Proxy

Activity or Finance Reports 2017-18

  • Activity Report of ILGA-Europe
  • Activity Report of the European Representatives to the ILGA-World Board to be posted on 3 October 2018
  • Report on ILGA-Europe’s finances for 2017 (member organisations can request the report by sending an email from 15 August 2018)