LGBTI equality and human rights in Europe and Central Asia

Introducing the ILGA-Europe Blog


Steve Taylor - Communications Director, ILGA-Europe

Next week, ILGA-Europe will fully launch its new Blog with a whole series of posts around sexual health. Together with various authors from across our movement, we'll be saying that #WeLoveSexualHealth. I hope you enjoy the posts.

Beyond next week, the Blog will be a hub through which my colleagues from the ILGA-Europe staff team and board can share information, commentary, news and developments. We want to use the Blog to spark debate and encourage the involvement of LGBTI people and allies across Europe and Central Asia.

The Blog does not necessarily reflect the policy or position of ILGA-Europe, its staff, board or members; it is a space for discussion, reflection and development. 

Joining the conversation on our blog will require registration, but that's just to avoid spam and ensure we know who is posting.

The Blog will develop and evolve over time, and we'll take on board your comments and feedback. We're always looking to improve what we do and this will be no exception. We'd also love to hear from our supporters about topics they think should be covered by the Blog - so do get in touch