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Azerbaijan crisis: donate now

It is with great concern that we call on friends and partners of ILGA-Europe to help us support the LGBTI movement in Azerbaijan. ILGA-Europe are extremely concerned by news of human rights abuses emerging from Azerbaijan, the country ranked worst in Rainbow Europe. 

Members of the LGBTI community in Baku are being actively targeted by police raids, with those detained being assaulted, forcibly medically examined, fined or forced to reveal contact details from their mobile phones. Exact numbers are hard to clarify at this point. According to our sources in the region, at least 50 members of the LGBTI community have been detained in raids that have taken place throughout the second half of September. 

We are launching an urgent appeal for donations to help organisations on the ground to support these victims. Based on our experience in responding to the human rights crisis in Chechnya, with your help we can provide grants to activists working with victims to meet their needs. This might be used to provide psychosocial support, medical assistance, help with rehousing, or legal fees when someone is under arrest, and for court hearings.

Funds will be re-granted to activists working directly with victims on the ground and used by ILGA-Europe to cover costs directly associated with working on the crisis in Azerbaijan in line with ILGA-Europe’s accountability standard. Should we raise more money than is needed, your donation will be used to support people in other critical situations in the region.

Your support will make a real difference. Thank you. 

Public statements issued by international instiutions and organisations

17 October 2017

Alarming stories have been emerging from Azerbaijan over the past two weeks.

3 October 2017

ILGA-Europe are extremely concerned by news of human rights abuses emerging from Azerbaijan.

27 September 2017