European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

20th Anniversary of ILGA-Europe

There is no such thing as a typical day, either for ILGA-Europe or a national LGBTI activist. The political and social landscape that we work in is constantly shifting. We are all adapting to new developments and challenges every day. So, imagine how much has changed in the last two decades.

What is on this page:

2016 is ILGA-Europe’s 20th anniversary. It is giving us a wonderful chance to stop, take a breath and look around us at how different things are today compared to 1996. This timeline gives you just a few highlights, ranging from personal ILGA-Europe milestones to major European anti-discrimination legislation and case-law.

Some of these dates will remind us that we have made great strides in advancing equality. Others will motivate us to keep pushing for greater protection for those in the LGBTI community whose voices still aren’t being heard loudly enough at European level.

Throughout 2016, we will hear directly from the visionary activists who have watched ILGA-Europe grow from an idea into a network supporting over 400 member organisations in 45 countries. Watch this space!


Joyce talks with Nigel

Joyce Hamilton, Co-Chair ILGA-Europe, talks with Nigel Warner, longtime ILGA-Europe activists, about the 20 years of the history of ILGA-Europe.

Anniversary interview with Nigel Warner at the Annual Conference 2016



ILGA-Europe and the LGBTI Movement: 20 Years of Pride

by Rebecca Cooper

Download the article here